A while back, on a cool, drizzly Tuesday, I was wandering through an unfamiliar neighborhood looking for lunch, which in my view is one of the best ways to explore an unfamiliar neighborhood. The problemRead More

portugal wine fairs

We like to think of wine as a pastoral and refined enterprise, floating above financial concerns. But wine has long been a big business, and the world’s premier wine fairs and trade shows (like Italy’sRead More


Chances are that you spend too much money on some habit or another. You might have a weakness for expensive clothes. You might collect porcelain figurines or, if you’re loaded, classic cars. Perhaps you can’tRead More


If you know your Portuguese wine appellations, you surely are familiar with Encostas d’Aire, right? If not, don’t worry. Most wine drinkers — even in Lisbon, just an hour and a half to the southRead More